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The Cloud Computing is a radical change in the way we organize and use computing resources and storage. The scientific and academic community faces the challenge not only to adapt their procedures to this new paradigm, but also to contribute to their development promoting the evolution towards open, secure and interoperable computing infrastructures, playing a key part in the advent of the Intercloud.


The mission of the MEGHA Working Group is to coordinate and promote the development and innovation in Cloud Computing technologies within the scope of the institutions affiliated to RedIRIS covering all its aspects: R&D, education and management. In parallel, MEGHA intends to act as a catalyst for the application of open and interoperable Cloud technologies in other areas in which it can influence, such as business and government.


  • Deploy a federated Cloud infrastructure as a platform for innovation and evaluation.
  • Provide coordination services to facilitate the seamless access to different infrastructures.
  • Explore the possibilities of application of the Cloud computing in research, academic and management environments.
  • Provide support in the deployment and implementation of Cloud infrastructures and technologies.
  • Facilitate the creation of an ecosystem of open-source middleware components to deploy interoperable Clouds and coordinate training and education activities for its deployment.
  • Facilitate the creation of (and involvement in) projects addressing innovative Cloud aspects.
  • Define an open reference architecture and propose standards, participating in standardization organizations and forums, as well as disseminating the results among the community.
  • Facilitate the creation of new services related to the quality, safety, availability and interoperability of Cloud environments.

Agents involved

  • Infrastructure Providers
  • Middleware providers
  • Users of the infrastructure
  • Application Developers
  • Intermediate / brokers resource

Coordination with other initiatives

MEGHA does not intended to build an alternative to another infrastructure (commercial or collaborative within the academic community or outside Spain, Europe or globally), but to facilitate the use of this type of infrastructure, improving quality and safety of its services and facilitating the use by the academic and research community. From the beginning, the MEGHA group establishes direct links with initiatives such as:

  • In Spain, within the academic environment: the Spanish e-Science and CRUE-TIC
  • Other initiatives in public administration